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Dec 3, 2004

What the ????? 


see you all tomorrow !

-Azrael Coladilla

Events and Convention News
Calendar event checklist
December 4 - Una KAme , 1st collegiate Anime fair @ UP Bahay ng Alumni
December 11 - Ultimate BAND Experience @ Indon's bar, Malate feat. Purplechickens, 
  Isabel , 7Thursdays, Rotshrecke and more..
December 11 - Tabemono Festival, a Japanese Food Festival @ Crisanta Towers Pasig
December 18 - Kinjo's Jmusic Karaoke contest @ UP Diliman, Vinzons Hall
December 18 - Filcosplay Xmas Party @ Eastwood City
January 2005 - G2 con @ SM Megatradehall  1, 2    (3 days convention) visit 
February 2005 -convention
May 2005 - U GOT GAME PRO
May 2005 - New Worlds 3 - Philippine Science  Fiction and Fantasy Convention 
June 2005 - 3rd Philippine Toys, Hobbies, Collectibles Convention  (Toycon PH)

event date might change with out prior notice
some of the events here are not yet approved for an exact date.

Una kAME!, the first collegiate anime fair in the Philippines

The University of the Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts UP AME is proud to present Una kAME!, the first collegiate anime fair in the Philippines, on Saturday, Dec 4 2004 from 1-9 pm at the UP Bahay ng Alumni in celebration of its 4th year anniversary.

Among the featured events are Cosplay competition, Fanart competition, lecture series on anime, arcade tournament, and Japanese rock and pop concert, featuring the hottest j music performers. Plus appearances by pinoy comic book artist, meet, greet and avail of their works.

Prizes will be given away in various games, and tons of anime and comic book merchandise will also be available at the event.

UP AME is the first university recognized anime organization in the Philippines, in line with its objectives of promoting understanding of anime and manga and providing venues for the appreciation of and open exchange of ideas on the medium, the organization invites everyone to be part of this historic event.

Join the local anime community in celebrating the growing anime phenomenon in the Philippines.

The entrance ticket costs PHP 100. UP Diliman students can avail of a discount and pay only PHP 80. Please present a valid ID when obtaining your ticket.

We're also giving you a chance to buy tickets at the discounted price of PHP 80! For a limited time, you may avail of tickets at this price as long as you buy early! Don't miss this chance to save 10%!

This event is brought to you in cooperation with Level Up!

Also brought to you by Office of Initiatives for Culture and the Arts, Summit Media, Pepsi, and Culture Crash Comics.

Party Time!

The Cosplay Competition

  1. The participants must wear the costume upon registration. Registration starts upon opening and ends after 30 minutes.

  2. The participants must have the following upon registration:
    1. Full body picture of the character. The participant and character must be wearing the same costume.
    2. Profile of the character being portrayed written in a short bond paper with the following:
      1. Name of character
      2. What classification is the character under (i.e. Anime, Manga, Game, Sentai, Comic, and Jpop/Jrock)
      3. Title of the manga, anime, game, sentai show, comic; or name of band, or solo act.
      4. Character description in terms of personality and special attributes
      5. Materials used for the costume- making may or may not be included.

  3. The cosplayers will be pre-judged immediately after the registration. The pre-judging will decide the top fifty who will be included in the final judging and the Cosplay Catwalk.

  4. The cosplayers are still advised to remain in costume and mingle with the general audience for the whole duration of the event for the Audience Choice Award, which will be decided by the audience. The audience votes consist of the people present during the event, cosplayers may vote for themselves.

  5. There will be a voting station for the people present during the event to cast their votes on their favored cosplayer. Only one vote is allowed per person. The Audience Choice Award will be given to the cosplayer with the largest number of audience votes.

  6. The top fifty finalists will be judged again after the Cosplay Catwalk from which the top three will be decided. The catwalk presentation will also be judged and will be tallied with the score from the pre-judging scores.

  7. The winner of the Cosplay competition (excluding Audience Choice) will be decided by the judges in terms of this criteria:
    1. Characterization- the truthful depiction of the Cosplay to the character's over-all personality
    2. Costume- the closeness of the costume worn by the Cosplay to the costume of the character being cosplayed. Also, how the materials used for the costume making aid in the over-all appearance of the costume.
    3. Creativity- the innovativeness in terms of the whole Cosplay proper.

    Criteria Breakdown
    Final Judging
    Pre-judging score
    + Catwalk score (max. 100%)
    total score
    1st = 3,000 Php + goodies
    2nd = 2,000 Php + goodies
    3rd = 1,000 Php + goodies
    Audience Choice = 500 Php + goodies

    The Arcade Tournament

    1. The arcade tournament is open for all who have purchased the entrance ticket. A registration fee of PhP 20 will be charged.

    2. The tournament will commence at exactly 3pm. Contestants will under go a single round robin elimination. The top 8 players will move on to 2nd round. In case of a tie, a single playoff match will be made.

    3. For the second round, each contestant will randomly select his/her opponent. The match will be a best-of-three format. The winner will move on to the third round. The third round will also be a best-of-three format

    4. The championship match will be a best-of-five format.

    5. The champion will receive PhP 3, 000 plus a trophy at the runner up with Php 1, 500 plus a trophy. Gift packs will also be given to the other top 6 players. Only contestants that registered before 3:00pm will be accommodated. No late contestants will be entertained.

    6. Players will be notified when the tournament (or player's match) will commence. Three minutes will be given for the player to get to the arcade area. Failure to be present at the arcade area after the three-minute allowance will result in subsequent disqualification/forfeiture. Substitutes are not allowed. The name on the registration form will be the only one allowed to play.

    7. In case of other matters that will arise not yet covered in this rule sheet, the tournament staff will have the final decision.

      - The tournament will be co-sponsored by Gameophilia (Worlds of Fun Amusement, no confirmation yet).
      - The Tekken 3 game is most likely to be replaced by any of these: Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, Dead or Alive. Final decision will follow.
      - SNK vs Capcom is still on the lineup. So there will be two games, any of the above plus SVC
      - Players can bring their own controllers (PS/PS2/Xbox).
      - Max of 32 players can join per game. A player can only register in ONLY one game
      - DEFAULT configuration ONLY.
      - Each player will randomly pick a number from 1-32. Player 1 will compete against player 2, and so on, to move to the next round. Best of three match for the elimination, best of five for final matches
      - Only ONE winner for each game Wink (that's why it's a tournament)
      - Registration starts at 1pm at the entrance, only first 32 will be accepted for each game. Tournament proper starts at 3pm at the Fair Function Room

The Fan Art Drawing Contest

  1. The entry/entries should be placed in a 9"x11'"sized paper.

  2. Entries can be of any medium. However, digital art is not allowed.

  3. Entries can be colored, black and white, gray scale or monotone.

  4. Only Anime, Manga, Game, Sentai, Comic, and Jpop/Jrock characters are allowed, no original characters.

  5. More than one character may be included in the artwork.

  6. Entries should be submitted in a long envelope; inclusive of a separate sheet of paper containing the following:
    1. name of participant,
    2. pseudonym,
    3. name/s of character/s and title of work the character/s came from, (indicate under which classification, i.e. anime, game)
    4. address, contact nos. and e-mail address.

  7. The entry should not contain any writing except of the artist's pseudonym.

  8. After the entries have been submitted, they will be given an artwork entry number.

  9. The artworks will be screened according to artwork entry number.

  10. An envelope can contain more than one entry. However, the participants must register all entries submitted; otherwise it will not be counted as a participating entry and will not be judged.

  11. All entries and registration paraphernalia should be submitted in the UP AME tambayan at the FC Tambayan Complex behind the Faculty Center; or to any UP AME member starting November 4, 2004, and the last day of submission will be on November 30,2004.

  12. Entries will be judged according to (criteria):
    1. Character Portrayal- accuracy of the visual portrayal of the character
    2. Originality- incorporation of artist's own ideas without compromising the character.
    3. Creativity- use of medium and techniques.
    4. Balance/Harmony- use of color scheme, coordination of elements in the artwork.

  13. The winners will be ranked first, second and third. And only one entry can place in each rank. Entries will be exhibited in the UP AME Fair on December 4, 2004. All participants are requested to be present during the event for the announcement of winners and the claiming of prizes.

  14. Selected entries will be included in the UP AME Official Website. Selection will be determined by the contest organizers.

  15. The artists have sole ownership to their work and will be credited upon any publishing of the artwork.


Criteria Breakdown:
Character Portrayal= 20%

1st =2,000 Php + goodies
2nd =1,500 Php + goodies
3rd =1,000 Php + goodies


Campus Tour 

photos of ICA campus tour 2004

more photos here : 

The old Campus Tour is back
We are doing this for almost 4 years and a new batch of Campus tour is set.
a non stop promotion of comic-anime-and arts, and featuring our talented pinoy artist.
We are now holding a Campus tour for this coming
and its FREE !
Activities for the Campus Tour
Film Screenings
Booth Sales
Comic Artists Appearance and Book Launchings and Signings
Lectures/ workshop
and more.....

You can invite us and we can bring the whole gang inside your Campus.
think of a Convention inside your school !

email us at  for questions and inquiries 

December - 

January 2005
DLSU - LEAP, January 20
St. Benedict College, Alabang
UP Grail - ACLE


Alternative Space
List and Guide map for the Alternative Venue.


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